Periodontal Disease and Co-Diagnosis

Your dental examination includes the diagnosis of periodontal disease and cavities, as well as an evaluation of your bite. This helps us catch and treat small problems early to help prevent complications later. If we find periodontal disease, we’ll talk with you about treatment options and proper home care to minimize bone loss and restore the health of your gums.

  • Video: Co-Diagnosis
  • Video: Periodontal Disease

Bitewing and Full-mouth Series of X-rays

These are the most common x-rays taken in dentistry. They are a necessary yet safe part of regular dental check-ups that provide vital information not available from any other source.

  • Video: Bitewing X-rays
  • Video: Full-mouth Series of X-rays

Panographic X-rays

A panographic X-ray gives a panoramic view of your mouth. Comfortable and safe, it provides valuable information about positions of wisdom teeth, receding bone levels, infections, jaw-joint problems and more.

  • Video: Panographic X-rays
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