Dental Fillings

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are used to replace tooth structure after the decay has been removed by the dentist. Dental restorations include tooth colored composite filling materials. At MacArthur Park Dentistry, we do not use mercury or silver fillings. Composite fillings are resins of plastic and glass used to restore teeth that have decayed, are broken or misshaped. A filling is used in order to treat tooth decay that is not extensively enough to require a crown or extraction.

Why do I need Dental Fillings?

When there is tooth decay, the dentist will carefully remove the decayed portion of the tooth, which often leads to a cavity. This cavity exposes the inner portions of the tooth, which causes sensitivity and pain. Therefore, the cavity must be removed and filled in order to protect the tooth from infections. Dental Fillings also restores the tooth's function to chew food. Dental fillings may not be a viable option when the cavity is too large to fill.

Why Does My Cavity Not Cause Pain?

Sometimes cavities don't hurt. However, this does not mean that a cavity should not be treated. If there is an active bacterial invasion on the tooth, the cavity will spread not only to other teeth, but it will go deeper inside the weaker part parts of your tooth, down to the nerve. In this case, you will need a filling or maybe even a crown or root canal treatment later on.

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